AFM Mobile for C.N.VV.F.

The National Fire Corps, through the action of the Air Rescue Coordination Office (UCSA) and the Flight Wings located throughout the country, applies the operational, technical and logistics management of the air fleet using the AFM application software.

To increase the capacity and effectiveness of the actions carried out by the staff on the operational assets of the air fleet, UCSA and the Emilia-Romagna Regional Command have requested to IAS to implement the AFM Mobile Application for Tablet and Smartphone.

Through the mobile application, users can:

  • consult the status of the Flying Wings, aircrafts and rescue crews
  • verify the position of the assets on the national territory;
  • consult the Daily Flight Plan;
  • consult the navigation charts;
  • consult the ongoing rescue interventions;
  • update the flight activity.

The release of the mobile application, made for the iOS operating system, is scheduled for the beginning of March 2019 and should subsequently be extended to Android devices.

The application will allow to the staff, especially the crews, to update the information system promptly and to facilitate decision-making processes related to fleet management and air rescue.