C.N.VV. F AFM version – Integration with the Operational Rooms of the 115

The National Fire Brigade has recently commissioned IAS to integrate the AFM system with the technological equipment of the Operational Rooms of the 115.

The target set by the Air Rescue Coordination Office (UCSA) is the bi-directional exchange of data between the “S.O. 115” system, supplied to the C.N.VV.F. and the AFM management software, used by the Flight Departments, in order to optimize the process of request, coordination and management of the Rescue Interventions for which the National Fire Brigade air support is needed.

With the integration between the two systems, the operators of the 115 will be able to provide real-time information and intervention needs to the Flight Departments that, through the AFM SW and coordinated by the Operational Room for Flight Coordination and Assistance (SOCAV), will make available the data relating to the technical and operational status of the fleet, the conformity of the assets to the type of rescue requested and, once the intervention has been carried out, the complete and historic report of the actions performed for the purpose of the Rescue provided.

The SOCAV, located at the Ciampino airport and addicted by the UCSA, has functions of coordination, monitoring and assistance to the operations of all the aircraft of the air fleet of the National Fire Brigade. The National Fire Brigade has an air fleet consisting of about 40 helicopters operating on 12 Flight Departments, 19 fire-fighting aircraft CL-145 located on three different logistics bases (which become 5 in the summer) and 2 aircraft Piaggio P180. For the purposes of the use of the aircraft of the National Fire Brigade air fleet, the SOCAV guarantees the qualified technical support to the CON, to the Flight Departments and to the aircrews, to the operational rooms of the Regional Departments and Provincial Commands and to the COAU, as regards the fleet management in AIB activities.