C.N.VV.F.: withdrew the first AW139 helicopter

The April 05, 2019, the Flight Crew of the C.N.VV.F. Air Rescue Area has withdrawn the first of the AW139 aircraft, acquired to enhance its emergency multirole airborne capabilities to more effectively counter the ever increasing risks of firefighting duties.
The aircraft, marked with the registration number VF-139, was conducted at the Ciampino Aviation Center.
The technical personnel of the CNVV.F., involved both in training and testing of the aircraft, worked on the AFM system to prepare all the data necessary for the configuration control and to maintain the airworthiness of the machine, supported by IAS personnel, which has implemented all the functions required for the complete management of the helicopter.
IAS congratulates the UCSA and all the flight and technical staff of the Flight Wings for this important operational goal.