M346 Aircraft of the Polish Air Force (PLAF) – Logistic Support System (LSS)

On 08.12.2017 the Ministry of National Defence – Armaments Inspectorate, officially signed the acceptance of the Logistic Support System (LSS), supplied by Leonardo Company in support of the eight M346 training aircraft of the Polish Air Force (PLAF).

The LSS, identified with the AFM application (Air Fleet Management) produced by Integrated Aerospace Systems, is a software suite designed for operational, technical and logistical support of aircraft for Deblin air base, home of the 41 Baza Lotnictwa Szkolnego. Designed with a multi-aircraft management logic, the system will allow the operators to support:

  • The planning and management of operational activity;
  • The configuration control, airworthiness and fleet scaling;
  • The management of the supply chain (Supply Chain Management);
  • The decision support (Decision Support).