IAS s.r.l. it is an italian SME that operates in the Information Communication Technology sector.

Founded in 2006 by Romasistemi s.r.l., a company that has been operating for over 25 years in the design, consulting, development, integration and maintenance sector of software systems.

IAS produces software applications for the technical, operational and logistics management of aeronautical fleets.

IAS has engineering personnel for the development of applications and aeronautical analysts with extensive experience in the technical and logistic aircraft management.


Specialized competence

IAS has acquired and consolidated professional skills and ductility over time, effectively applied in relevant professional context and to which flexibility and speed of intervention are combined.


The application software developed for technical, logistic, operational and training management of the aeronautical sector, are based on modern web technologies and relational database.


The experience gained over time, has made our functional tools, versatile, suitable to support any fleet and able to integrate themselves with the management SW with which are equipped of new generation aircraft.

Range of modules

Programming and operational management, technical-operational scaling of the fleet, planning and management of the stock, predictive analysis and personnel training management are the reference modules of our commercial products.


The National Fire Corps

  • Information Communication Tecnology (ICT)
  • Air Rescue Coordination Office
  • Flight Squadrons

Leonardo Company Aircraft Division

  • Information Communication Tecnology (ICT)
  • Customer Support & Service

Leonardo Company Elicotteri

  • “A. Marchetti” Training Academy
  • Flight Operations Department
  • Experimental Build & Reconfiguration
  • WW Customer Support & Service

Polish Air Force – 41^ Aviation School

  • Flight Operations Group
  • Technical Service Group